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Josh Gordon

Cleveland Browns select wide receiver Josh Gordon, of Baylor University, in the second round of the 2012 supplemental draft.

On Tuesday I drove through the Cleveland area and listened to 93.1 The Fan, which is their sports radio station, and heard the debate about whether or not to select Josh Gordon. Multiple teams sent more than one scout to Gordon’s workout prior to the supplemental draft, which raised many sports analysts’ eyebrows. Analysts and football fans alike realized the ability to get Gordon to their respective team would require a high draft pick, which eliminates that same round selection in the 2013 NFL Draft. The second round pick requirement appeared inevitable on Tuesday with the speculation surrounding Gordon and came to fruition on Thursday when he was selected. Is Gordon worth such a big gamble though?

Josh Gordon’s journey to the NFL Supplemental Draft is the result of an arrest in 2010 and a failed drug test, which led to an indefinite suspension from the Baylor University football program. Afterwards, Gordon transferred to the University of Utah but did not play a single down, which permitted his entry into this year’s supplemental draft. These past events concerning Gordon raise many red flags but some teams believe he has rectified his wrongdoings.

Gordon’s physical attributes and speed encourage many NFL teams to look past his mistakes. His high score on the Wonderlic test and ability to pass drug tests now show an improvement in character over the past two years as well. The NFL has shown in the past that second chances are rare and cannot be taken lightly. The Browns organization will need to make sure Gordon doesn’t step out of line at the professional level.

When an NFL scout hears the numbers 4.52 in the 40-yard dash and 6’3” for the height of a wide receiver, it grabs their attention. The Browns were on the lookout for wide receivers after drafting quarterback, Brandon Weeden, who is 28 years old. The gamble to take a 28 year old in the first round of the NFL Draft means the Browns will do whatever it takes to win now despite being ranked last in the NFL Power Rankings this week.

The Browns recent actions show they’re all in when it comes to building a great team and will take the required risks to do so. Past draft woes, including the selection of QB Tim Couch and QB Mike Phipps, may be rectified through the gambles of taking Weeden in the first round of the NFL Draft and Gordon in the second round of the Supplemental Draft. Otherwise, these will be two names to add to the long list of draft busts by the Cleveland Browns. A city like Cleveland who experienced ‘The Decision’ by LeBron James and the suspension of team operations from 1996-1998, deserve a little luck. Isn’t that what a day like Friday the 13th is known for? The 2012 calendar year has been filled with other unlikely success by teams including the Los Angeles Kings winning the Stanley Cup as an 8-seed and the Mets having a perfect game (according to the scoresheet), so why not the Cleveland Browns?